Will the wait end for Har Pal?

Will the wait end for Har Pal?
– Director upbeat over latest Bollywood venture despite actor’s arrest


Renowned Assamese director Jahnu Barua’s latest Bollywood venture Har Pal has passed through testing times ever since it was conceptualised in 2007.

But the nine-time national award-winning filmmaker has expressed confidence that the arrest of Shiney Ahuja, the star of Har Pal (Every Moment), will not have any adverse impact on the film, which is scheduled for release within a couple of months.

The film, which is by Barua’s own admission a commercial movie made for a bigger audience, pairs Shiney opposite Bollywood damsel Preity Zinta in a story set against the backdrop of the Northeast. The film was shot mainly in and around Shillong.

“It (Shiney’s arrest) is a police matter on which I will not comment. But as far as the film goes, he has done a fantastic job. And I am confident that Har Pal will not face any problems because of the development,” Barua told The Telegraph last night over phone from Mumbai.

Shiney — known for his intense presence on screen — was arrested by Mumbai police on Monday for allegedly raping his housemaid.

The media-shy Barua, who made his Bollywood debut with the highly acclaimed Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara, is trying to achieve commercial success through Har Pal without compromising too much on his main forte, sensitive storytelling.

Barua, however, did not say anything on Shiney beyond, “I only know him professionally and not personally”.

Shiney plays an advertising executive and the film revolves around his love story with his neighbour Preity, who is playing a Khasi girl.

Besides Shiney and Preity, Har Pal also features Dharmendra.

Barua revealed that Preity and Shiney “were my first choice for the film”.

However, Dharmendra came in only after the director’s first choice Amitabh Bachchan pulled out at the last moment.

A source close to Barua said that the director had also faced problems, as he had not found any distributor for the film.

Barua, however, said the problem had been resolved. The film’s release was delayed because of the impasse between directors and distributors, which was sorted out only recently.

“Hopefully, we will be able to release the film within a couple of months,” said the director known for his sensitive handling of complex subjects on celluloid.

The director refrained from revealing the storyline but said, “It is a commercial film with a strong story”.

Meghalaya is also hoping that the film — shot in Smit on the outskirts of Shillong — will serve to showcase the natural beauty of the state and help pull more tourists.

For the director of such critically and award-winning movies like Halodiya Choraye Baodhan Khai (1987), Firingoti (1991), Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door (1997) and Konikar Ramdhenu (2003), it has been a long wait for commercial success.

Till the film is released, though, it will surely be a never-ending wait, “har pal”.



3 Responses to Will the wait end for Har Pal?

  1. preeti says:

    i hope this movie really does well and am an ardent shiney fan wish ya all the best !!

  2. partha says:

    shiney arrest would definitely affect the movie…..but iw will be better if it doesnt!!!

  3. amar says:


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