IPL: Kings XI Punjab loses final match against Chennai

Kings XI Punjab lost their final match against Chennai by 24 runs. The only way they can reach the semis now is by a huge lose for Bangalore tomorrow, but that seems unlikely.


6 Responses to IPL: Kings XI Punjab loses final match against Chennai

  1. luna says:

    i think they r out as they r not good team
    what the heck happened to our batting!! this sucks !!

  2. Ranjan Abeysekera says:

    Yu was not what he WAS, thro’out the series for the KXI. He just was YU in his batting. This was a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG let down to the team. Also think Mahela’s absence was felt much. Hard Luck guys :-(((((((((((

  3. alwaysindian says:

    chennai won by 24 runs! HARD LUCK!!

  4. partha says:

    ….yes the pitch was very very very slow and swapy….the ball was not coming to the bat….and so msd used the spinners…..but they should have batted agressively….the way they were batting as if the total was above 200 and they dont have any hope……but having said that….they are a good team ….they have the potential….if not this year then next year they will surely win ipl!!!…..today deccan chargers must defeat royal challengers badly!!!

  5. partha says:

    this is bit off the topic…..what is the problem with the main site???….its not opening!!!

  6. Dev says:

    kings XI was the not that team what we expect very poorcoz no planing at all team yuvraj snigh, prity zinta & Tom should sit together & think for next one thing that shri shanth should not be in the team & get good opners & two good fast blowers who can help lee in the team coz lee alone can’t help he is giving his best rest of the players were oke this is what all my friends & I think just a advice

    I m big fan of Yuvraj Singh & Prity zinta


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