What the semi-final contenders need to do


Team: Kings XI Punjab
Points/ Net run-rate: 14/ -0.360
Matches remaining: 1
Opponent: Chennai

By the time Punjab play their last game, against Chennai, Bangalore and Rajasthan would have completed their matches against Delhi and Kolkata respectively. Wins for both will have Bangalore on 14 points while Rajasthan will have 15, and the pressure on Punjab, presently on 14 points, to beat Chennai will be immense. Even if Punjab lose, they can still make the cut if Bangalore lose one or both of their matches, leaving at least two teams tied on 14. A net-run-rate scenario won’t help Punjab, though, since theirs is lower than Deccan and Bangalore, and defeat will further worsen the NRR. Realistically, they need to beat Chennai to qualify.


Tomorrow Punjab will face Chennai in their final match before the semis, go kings!!


3 Responses to What the semi-final contenders need to do

  1. partha says:

    it would have been better if chennai won the match against kolkata…….but since they haven’t …….it will be a tight one with KXIP!!!

  2. mSzHindO says:

    Hmm, well Chennai is already qualified, even if they lose and RR wins, but yeah if we loose lets hope Blore and RR will lose their matches

  3. Ranjan Abeysekera says:

    Hey guys, today is D-Day for allof you KXI players and we the fans. Yu MUST come with a better batting show,helped by the others. Fielding is of utmost requirement, if we are to win today. IT’S A MUST WIN SITU

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