IPL: Kings XI Punjab loose from Mumbai Indians



Score Card

KXIP lost today from MI by 8 wickets 😦 Jayawardene was injured, he he had to make way for Pomersbach. Unfortunatly Punjab’s batting was not upto par and lost their wickets easily.

Now they have to win all their 3 remaning games, to make it to the semi’s!

Next game is friday night against DD a must win!


7 Responses to IPL: Kings XI Punjab loose from Mumbai Indians

  1. Ranjan Abeysekera says:

    What a pathetic display of batting n running between wickets. Come on guys pull up your socks n improve in all departments to get to the semis. Thought that Sreesanth played for Mumbai Indians instead of the Kings XI. He should not be selected for the rest of the tournament.

    The only pleasing sight was Preity’s interview during the innings break. She really was sharming with her fingers crossed.

  2. luna says:

    i guess sreesanth was playing for mumbai indian
    i am so irritated by him

  3. partha says:

    other thann poor batting ……KXIP lost yesterday. JUST because of sreeshanth!!!…….if sreshanth would not have given 21 runs in an over the KXIP would have won it……sreeshanth’s over brought the mumbai indians back to game who otherwise was struggling!!!……sreeshanth should be slapped again and again ….and this time all legaly and officially by yuvraj!!!

  4. Parul says:

    I think this just happend because of Srisanth, when he wasn’t playing…the team was playing good, and the day he came, the team started to lose! sorry no offense to Sri but seriously yaar I really wanted Kings XI to win.. 😦

  5. Ranjan Abeysekera says:

    Hope, wish n pray the Sreesanth will NOT be selected to play in Friday’s crucial match

  6. alwaysindian says:

    Mumbai Indians made a good come back…

  7. luna says:

    they should play mota

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