preityness-personalCo-owners of an ipl team , celebrities in love Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia relationship is said to be in sticky wicket. While split is not official, going by the appearances , all is not well between them

Unlike last year when Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia walked arm in arm at the IPL auction and matches, the actress have been pretty much on her own at the on going IPL.”During matches, Preity sits by herself in the reserved box while Ness plays host to their guest,”says source from South Africa .

The oblivious distance between two, apparent in South Africa , is first set off rumors that Preity and Ness have ended their four year long relationship. On April 21 four days in to tournament, MID DAY reported that Preity  has send  an email to the players and support staff  of Kings XI Punjab team, stating that she and Ness, her “business partner”, presently “share only cordial working relationship”. In subsequent  TV interviews both have denied this email send out ,but have refused to comment on their relationship.

However sources close to the couple says that there has been a question mark over Preity and Ness relationship after leaving for South Africa .”They have been very consciously avoiding each other ,” says a mutual friend ,adding ,”she has been spending most of her time with her mother or her close friends, designers Namdita Mathani, Surily Goel.” Ness is seen with Mohit Burman , kings XI co owner .Gaurav Kappor  who is hosting extra inning says ,”I have seen Ness and Mohit  in the stadium too , but clearly all the partners have different roles to play.”

In South Africa  the couple is also staying separately .”Since the time they came down to Cape Town [days before the IPL started on April 18],Preity has been at  the One and Only Resort with rest of the bollywood brigade,While Ness rented a service apartment near New lands Ground  ,” says the source . They only get together for the work or team celebration .”There was  a party to celebrate Kings XI Punjab’s victory against  Mumbai Indians on April 29. All the boys were there Preity and Ness were together at the party”, says the source close to team.

Having to be out in public during difficult time has taken its toll on the actress .”She hasn’t been her warm and affectionive self,” says the friend, who describes her current mood as angry and upset. “She doesn’t want to be out in public but as a team owner she takes her responsibilities very seriously.”

Which is oblivious  from the time Ness , along with Mohit and Karan Paul  first partnered  to but Kings XI ,”Ness and I work well together”:Preity told the times of India .”We hope to make the IPL deal a success,” Apart from business interests, the couple, who made their first appearance together at Preity’s 30th birthday party four years ago, have lot in common. ”They hit off  as soon as they meet  and share interest like travel.”

They don’t whoever see eye to eye when it come to marriage ,says sources .”After  they became business partners,Preity has cut down  on her films work both to concentrate her new role as business women and in preparation for marriage ,”says the source .”But Ness  doesn’t seem to be  at a same stage .And it doesn’t help that his mother doesn’t help that his mother doesn’t approve of the relationship.”

While most believe that couple has split for good, few friends insists that this is only a spat .They looked very happy  together when I met them at[Karim] Moranis’s  birthday bash just before  they left for South Africa [on March 22nd ],” says a friend and co-star of Preity’s .”she also had call from South Africa but didn’t mentioned anything about the breakup.” Another friend attended a dinner Preity has for her Kings XI players, including

Irfhan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh , just before they flew out .”Ness was there,” says friend , who adds ,”They know they are good together .I don’t think  they would give up very easily  on each other .”


In their four–year-long relationship, Preity and Ness have side stepped their share of break-up rumors. The first was in 2008, during IPL  where photographs of Preity in a clincher  with Yuvraj   Singh  sparked a rumors that Preity and Ness were over. More recently , she was paired with actor hotelier Vikram Chatwal .An article on Mumbai Mirror dated April 9th ,quoted an eyewitness saying ,”People were surprised When Preity came without Ness .But her close relationship with Vikram became obvious when they hung around together during the[Lakme] Fashion week .” On April 13, Preity dismissed the rumor on her blog  on saying  ,”The story about my imagined  break-up  and brand new link-up is pure sketch of imagination..”

The actress friends are also dismissive of another rumor –linking her with recently divorced Brett Lee .”They have never been seen hanging out alone .” says a Kings XI player .Another source add “Having an affair with a team member will jeopardize her status  and this team is too important to her to do that.”

Written by Luna from latest Indian People magazine issue:  may 22, 2009. Please when re-posting credit


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7 Responses to MATCH OVER?

  1. zara says:

    Y this issue is post again?? Sick of it..

  2. partha says:

    again bakwaas….again speculation!!!…… will be very wrong if any one thinks that this magazines which apparently tries to be serious and genuine is true…..actually they are also enjoying their part of nurturing the idiotic rumour and selling their magazines!!!……all this reports are based on the previous fake reports…..and thing based on a fake thing is also fake…..please stop reading all these nonsense and dont heart preity and ness by speculating again and again over their relationship!!!

    • zara says:

      Right. Totally craps n rubbish..Do they hav any better job than make up fake stories about preity?

  3. Sam says:

    But dnt u guys thnk ness isnt da right guy for Preity… Pri shud hv a handsum bf… While Ness isnt da guy…

    • zara says:

      Handsome or gud looking or watever is not matter, preity noe him better than us na..but i donno, it’s preity’s life after all..

  4. anahita says:

    i think ness is not good for preity guys i dont love him
    preity is better than him

  5. Sam says:

    N he has a cartoon smile

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