punjab lost a thrilling high-scorer

again they lost by 12 runs aganist chennai:( there batting is clicking but bowling is very bad right now

next game  is may 9th Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab(plz win this time)

12:30 local, 10:30 GMT, 16:00 IST


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3 Responses to punjab lost a thrilling high-scorer

  1. Ranjan Abeysekera says:

    It’s okay buys. At least you’ll gave a good fight back. But think the weakness in the team is the bowling. Try n get this improved for the next matches.

  2. partha says:

    ya ya ….same for me….we lost yesteday…but i was happy to see the way the kings bat…..it exposed there true batting strength…..but the kings need brett lee badly!!!……it was dhonis trick of using raina as the bowler that caused the problem for the kings…..otherwise the KXIP would have won it very easily specially the way they were batting!!!….yuvraj was furious…!!!

  3. Sam says:

    Lee shud be back. N sreesnth shud be thrown away.

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