Preity hooked up Eesha

Preity hooked up Eesha


Many actresses are called housebreakers… but there are some home-makers as well, and actress Preity Zinta is one of them. Apparently, PZ is the one who helped actor Eesha Koppikhar hook up with boyfriend Timmy Narang, whom she’ll wed soon.

Preity and Eesha became good friends while shooting for Har Pall , and that’s when Preity thought that Timmy and Eesha were perfect for each other. “Preity was instrumental in getting us together,” confessed Koppikhar. “She told Timmy a few good words about me, and then told me a few good words about him! However, she never took names in her conversations so I never knew which ‘guy’ she was talking about. She tried to make us meet several times, but the meeting never worked out. And once Timmy and I casually met at a party and hit it off immediately. We started dating, without quite knowing that Preity was actually trying to get the two of us together! When I met Preity again, I found out that the ‘guy’ she used to talk to me about was Timmy!”

Now is this one straight outta a dramatic flick or what? Even KJo can find a cue or two here!



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