Interview with Preity Zinta

Interview with Preity Zinta


She no longer wants to be called ‘Bubbly’…says, ‘I have long passed that age’. We talk to Preity Zinta on the current agendas of her life.

Films, IPL, sponsoring 34 poor girls…is that what you call ‘branching out’?
(Smiles) I have always lived life the way I wanted and always do things that are different and excite me. Yes, in your words, I am really branching out because I am loving it.

Your fans are really disappointed that they see so few Preity Zinta films these days. Have you become more selective about your films or you are running short of time with multi-tasking?
I have always been choosy about my roles and have become more so now. I have been in Bollywood for over 10 years and now I don’t want to play a college girl or run and dance around trees any more because I have done it so many times. Now I look for something more challenging and refreshing. Something intense like Deepa Mehta’s VIDESH, where for the first time I could feel the pain of domestic violence victims. Or the hot mujra I am doing in MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA starring Salman and Kareena…I haven’t done a masala film for long, so this one was pretty refreshing.

Do you still enjoy the ‘Bubbly’ tag?
Honestly speaking, I never enjoyed it when people said -‘She is so bubbly’. I mean, there was and is more to my character than that. As of now I am passed that age to even listen to such mindless compliments.

You are actually talking about ageing?
Why not? I have never tried to hide my age like other heroines.

What about winning the IPL this time?
I am keeping my fingers crossed. I neither borrowed money nor got Kings XI Punjab as a gift…I wanted to invest my earnings into something extraordinary and now my team is my second family. All of us are stretching ourselves to the maximum. The rest is destiny.

This time fellow actor Shilpa Shetty has also joined you and Shah Rukh. Comment.
Watch the matches…(laughs aloud).

Why did you suddenly decide to sponsor 34 girls?
It was not ‘suddenly’. I always wanted to do something for poor children, especially girls, and what can be better than giving them proper education, good food and clothing. These 34 kids are born power girls. Just wait for some 10-15 years and see how they shape up!



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