Videsh Reviews

Videsh Reviews

Since Videsh is officially out in India, we will post all reviews here and sticky it 🙂

Rating: ****
Preity plays Chand with a dignity and depth that take us by surprise.
Subhash K Jha

Rating: ***
The way her character is portrayed and the way she has carried herself throughout the movie, she deserves a standing ovation.
UB News

Rating: ** 1/2
Zinta’s rendering of the abused new bride is heart wrenching. Especially in the difficult scenes when she is unable to tell imagination from real life.

Rating: **
But Videsh belongs to Preity Zinta who delivers a career-best performance as Chand, using her eyes alone to convey shock and horror, bringing depth to a character that could so easily become a stereotype.
Rajeev Masand

Rating: **
Pertaining to onscreen performance, doubtlessly it’s Preity Zinta who has trenchantly spelled her characterization. Getting to watch a bubbly missy who often glued herself to glamorous appeals on contrastive grounds is mind-boggling. Nothing much to mark on other star-casts as Preity herself eclipses everyone around…
India Glitz

Rating: **
Preity Zinta too puts in a powerful performances as the de-glamourised, disenchanted young bride…

Rating: **
What Mehta truly succeeds at is extracting a landmark performance out of Preity Zinta. The actress immortalised in effervescence erases any trace of happiness she may have previously conveyed with her startling transformation into Chand.

Rating: * 1/2
What keeps you from walking out of the film mid-way is Preity Zinta’s outstanding performance. Most often shown make-up less in the film, Preity has delivered her career best performance in Videsh.

Rating:* 1/2
Preity delivers her finest performance to date. She displays the helplessness and pain that this character demands with gusto. It’s at par with any powerful act by any international actor.
Taran Adarsh

Rating: * 1/2
Preity Zinta adds vulnerability, grace and poise to her character.
India Times

Rating: * 1/2
Preity Zinta emerges as the sure winner. The actress who till date, has been known for her cute, bubbly image adds life to Chand. She depicts the vanquished dreams of a normal girl with as much conviction as the real Chand would probably have done.

Rating: * 1/2
To her credit, Preity Zinta gives more than she gets as she traverses fantasy and reality seamlessly in a marvelous performance.
Hindustan Times


5 Responses to Videsh Reviews

  1. partha says:

    i have seen the trailers and i can confidently say this is preity’s best till date!!!

  2. noove says:

    mmm all the reviews love pz act ,,,
    i hope the movie do well in B.O

  3. Sam says:

    pz is da best………..

  4. Sudha says:

    Being a hardcore Deepa Mehta film buff, I wanted to catch up on her latest creation– Videsh (Heaven on Earth). Anticipating a long queue – as Deepa Mehta movies usually witness houseful events – at the cinema halls. I took the easier, shorter and hassle-free route by simply logging into “Book My Show” and got myself tickets for the first day first show.

    I can’t explain in words how impactual the movie was for me. Seeing a young, pretty yet simple Punjabi girl, Chand (ourPreity) – deal with an over-possessive mother-in-law and the poetic approach to express her expectations and the pain she feels each time her husband beats her up. But what was more interesting was the form of narrative. An interesting watch for those who enjoy experimental cinema in its true sense. Do see it for Priety Zinta’s heartfelt performance.

  5. Subha says:

    Preity is given a very powerful performance, the story is well executed and its really well taken. May be being a 21st century women she should have just left the house proving her innocence in another way rather than doing the snake maneuver. Except for that the movie is Amazing !!

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