Thank God polls once in 5 years: Preity

Thank God polls once in 5 years: Preity


Preity Zinta is in the middle of shooting when she tells DT on the phone from Mumbai that she’s sad about not being able to attend the screening of Preity Zinta
her Deepa Mehta film, Videsh, for Gursharan Kaur, the PM’s wife, and Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit.

Why these women? “Because they’re women!” says PZ. “We’d like every woman to see this movie. Forget every woman, we’d like every man and every family to see this movie,” she says of the award-winning film on domestic abuse. “We want people to know what’s happening, and these are the women that matter.”

But why wasn’t she here? “I’m shooting an item song in Mumbai,” she says. “Now that the IPL is happening in South Africa, you can’t run back after four days to Mumbai.”
And is she sad about IPL being held abroad? More than anything else, I’m sad we’re leaving the home stadium, but we have another home to go to.

Thank God elections are only once in five years! But now, my only message to people is, ‘Please go and vote’. We want people who’re not criminals, who are educated, to come to power. Of course, growth is important, but so is security.

If IPL is being shifted out because of security, what’ll happen in five years? I hope people vote, and not complain later. In fact, I wish they could put in place a system where we could vote from SA,” she says.



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