It isn’t cool, Preity

It isn’t cool, Preity


Actress Preity Zinta’s trademark style of speaking her mind was up on display once again when she addressed the press for the promotion of her upcoming film.

When Ravi Chopra was asked what made him invest in this Deepa Mehta film when her earlier movie Water failed at the box office, Preity promptly took the mike and expressed that the question was an “extremely rude” one. “Are you presuming that the upcoming movie will not do well in India?” she questioned back. Well, rumour has it that Deepa Mehta, too, is miffed with the response. We guess it has everything to do with the difference in sensibilities between apna masses and the videshis.



One Response to It isn’t cool, Preity

  1. partha says:

    very good… have done the right thing!!!

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