“Preity has delivered a world class performance” – Deepa Mehta

“Preity has delivered a world class performance” – Deepa Mehta


Deepa Mehta is ready with her new outing HEAVEN ON EARTH, which has been dubbed in Hindi for the Indian audiences. The Hindi version is called VIDESH. A lot many people are under the impression that the film is filmed in English and dubbed in Hindi and Punjabi languages for the Indian market. “It’s filmed in Punjabi, not English. I let the subject material decide the language of that film. VIDESH is about a Punjabi family living in Canada and I couldn’t think of making it in any other language,” Deepa clarifies.

A lot of film-makers feel that the film loses its original flavour when dubbed in other languages. “I agree,” Deepa says, “But if the director is present all through the dubbing session, supervising every bit of it, it doesn’t lose the flavour. I was present for every actor’s dubbing, when we decided to dub the film in Hindi. The dubbed version is equally amazing.”

Everyone’s talking of Preity Zinta and newcomer Vansh Bharadwaj’s powerful performances in the film. “Preity has delivered a world class performance. She’s electrifying. What I like about her is that she’s so well prepared when she walks on the sets. Vansh is equally dynamic. I took the decision of casting him in a split second and when I look back, I am glad I took the right decision. He’s an incredible talent,” Deepa states.

Deepa and Aamir Khan worked together in EARTH, but never got back after this film. “That’s because I couldn’t find the right subject. Aamir is a great actor and I really enjoyed working with him. I liked him in GHAJINI, he was terrific. But there has to be a story that excites both of us,” she adds.



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