Preity meets Sachin in NZ

Preity meets Sachin in NZ


Many Fridays have gone by since we last saw Preity Zinta on the big screen. But the actor has a lot to keep her busy otherwise.

The dimpled dazzler, who is in the Maori Nation on an invitation by New Zealand Cricket and New Zealand Tourism Board, attended the official reception where the Prime Minister of the country, John Key, was also present. Talking about the reception, which had Indian as well as New Zealand players, Preity says, “I interacted with the players and Prime Minister Key, and it was nice to hear the captains, Daniel Vettori and MS Dhoni, give their short speeches.” Ask her how the invitation happened, and she breaks into her trademark giggle, “It just happened! I had some free time and thought I could manage to come here.”

Preity, who is the co-owner of Team Mohali, can’t stop talking about one particular player she met during her trip — the Little Master. “I was looking forward to meeting Sachin Tendulkar here. Naturally, I was very excited when we finally met. It was wonderful to see him get that wonderful century,” she gushes. And did she interact with the rest of the Men in Blue? “Yes, briefly. India is playing great cricket at the moment and I wished them good luck for the series,” says Preity. With the New Zealand Prime Minister, the conversation veered round “cricket, India as a country and general stuff on politics”. She adds, “He was telling me that he used to be an investment banker before he came into politics.”

Speaking of politics, Preity dismisses rumours that she will be contesting the Lok Sabha polls: “It is totally untrue. I have no interest in politics. I’m amazed how a silly story becomes news overnight.”

But despite choosing to stay away from the soap box, Preity is aware that international relations with our neighbouring country is in the news, especially after the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan players in Pakistan. “It was an unfortunate incident. I assured the players that IPL 2 would go off smoothly. Last year, the BCCI went out of its way to provide security and this time too, they will leave no stone unturned to make the players feel safe. I have complete faith in the BCCI and the security arrangements by all the agencies concerned.”

But it wasn’t all work in New Zealand, as Preity indulged her taste for adventure. “I did bungee jumping, sky diving and other casual stuff. It gives me such a rush of adrenaline! It is always wonderful to come to New Zealand, where I shot for Soldier and a few Telugu films. The country, which is known for its scenic beauty, is a haven for adventure sports freaks,” says an excited Preity, who’s recharging her batteries for busy times ahead — both on the field and film sets.

“I will have to bring in a balance. There is so much to do in so short a time. I wish I could get more than 24 hours in a day! On the film front, I have Videsh coming up this month, and then I have Har Pal and Main Aur Mrs Khanna. I am back with a bang after a break!” Well, we wouldn’t have it any other way, PZ.



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