Director’s cut: Deepa Mehta on Heaven on Earth

Director’s cut: Deepa Mehta on Heaven on Earth


Filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s Heaven On Earth starring Preity Zinta is all set to hit Indian theatres as Videsh on March 20. CNN-IBN caught up with her in London where she spoke about Preity Zinta’s performance and scripting Midnight’s Children along with Sir Salman Rushdie.

CNN-IBN: What can one expect from Heaven on Earth?

Deepa Mehta: Heaven on Earth is renamed as Videsh and it’s going to release on March 20. The film is very close to my heart, it’s a very vulnerable and fragile piece. It’s about a subject that is very important. What one can expect is a piece of poetry.

CNN-IBN: You were very confident that Preity Zinta was right for th role. Did she meet your expectations?

Deepa Mehta: Preity is exceptional and simply mind-blowing in the film. It’s a forceful performance which is honest, grounded and doesn’t feel like a performance – which is an ultimate compliment I can give to an actor.



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