Key Note

Preity Zinta meets New Zealand’s PM, John Key


Preity Zinta is on an adrenaline high. And it’s not only because she indulged in adventure sports like bungee jumping and sky diving. In New Zealand, on the invitation of New Zealand Tourism Board and New Zealand Cricket, Preity hobnobbed with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, yesterday and has not stopped smiling since then.

Confirming the news, Preity said, “The New Zealand PM hosted a reception for the Indian and NZ cricket teams and a couple of dignitaries including yours truly. We talked about India and cricket. I am surprised at how clued-in he is to the happenings and developments in our country. I felt so proud of our Indian cricketers wearing their jackets and all. It was awesome.”

Mr Key took Preity aside for a good half an hour to discuss Indian politics and cricket. Preity gushed, “John Key is so young and so charming. It was a pleasure meeting him. He’s extremely dynamic and much loved by the people. I was bowled over by his down-to-earth attitude. He was so keen on knowing more about India and Indians.”

Preity has gone solo to New Zealand. “I am alone and having a ball. I love adventure sports. And I love New Zealand. It’s the land of the Lord of the Rings. But it’s also a rugged adrenaline-racing country.”

On a more sobering note, Preity is horrified by the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. “It is a horrific occurrence not just for cricket but sports in general. What can I say? My prayers are with the cops who lost their lives.”


Picture Coverage
Indian cricket team at Parliament House
1st ODI between India and New Zealand (Napier, New Zealand)


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