Director Deepa Mehta discusses the DVD release of her film Heaven on Earth

looks like the DVD will release tomorrow already!


Heaven on Earth, the feature-length drama about isolation, spousal abuse and the immigrant experience, is being released on DVD on Tuesday, March 3 to coincide with International Women’s Day. Mongrel Media, the film’s distributor, has partnered with the YWCA for this event to help viewers who might be suffering from domestic abuse themselves and to spread awareness of the phenomenon, which knows no colour, race or age boundaries. They also enlisted director Deepa Mehta to do two 30-second public service announcements that will be featured on the YWCA Web site in early March to celebrate and promote International Women’s Day.

Back in November 2008, the NFB had the opportunity to interview Deepa Mehta about Heaven on Earth. During that interview, she discussed her inspiration for the film, how she worked with the actors and her thoughts on the subject matter itself.
Since November, the film has enjoyed theatrical success and was named one of the Top Ten Films of 2008 by the TIFF Group. To mark the DVD release, Deepa Mehta was kind enough to sit down for another interview.

Interview and Source

To order a copy of Heaven on Earth on DVD, call the NFB Store at 1-800-267-7710


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