Preity Zinta conquers her fear of water

Preity Zinta conquers her fear of water


Darna mana hai
Hola ho my rosogullas! How sweet is life treating you? There’s so much meetha happening around me ki kya bataon? If it gets any more sugary, I’ll turn diabetic, I tell you.

Khair, for starters, it looks like Preity Zinta deserves another bravery award, this time for conquering her fear of water.

I’m told she had resolved to get over her phobia while she was shooting a commercial in Maldives recently. And chose to do it the adventure sports way.

Her trainer, who had accompanied her to the shoot, was initially apprehensive when the skunky actress expressed her desire to learn scuba and deep sea diving. He pointed out to her that if the feeling of fear overpowered her, she might give up on life altogether.

But Zinta was not to be deterred. She slipped on her costume, hooked up her goggles and oxygen tank and went plunging into the sea.. and soon was reveling in underwater life.

I’m told she wants to try skydiving next. Seems she’s taking time off after the IPL tournament to fly high, literally. Wah, whatta gal!



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