‘Women of today aren’t asking for preferential treatment’

‘Women of today aren’t asking for preferential treatment’


Mumbai (PTI): Bollywood actor Preity Zinta on Tuesday said people find it difficult to digest that she is the boss of an IPL cricket team.

“Even after a year, I am asked whether I am a co-owner as a girlfriend or got a gift from my father. I have invested my ten years’ savings in the team and my partners (beau Ness Wadia and co-owner Mohit Burman) treat me equally,” Preity said speaking at a seminar “Is the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry A Male Bastion” at the 10th FICCI-FRAMES conference here.

The actor said the women of today were competitive across the board and were not asking for preferential treatment. To a question whether she felt offended when described as the only ‘man’ in the industry when she deposed as a witness in a Bollywood-underworld nexus case, Preity said she did.

“I had told people to applaud me as a woman and not a man,” she said adding that in cricket she was not considered a male but as a female romantically linked to certain members of her team. “It is disgusting,” Preity said.

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Ficci Frames 2009: Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta



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