Deepa Mehta ignores Preity

Deepa Mehta ignores Preity


But to start with, it was no mean task. Deepa Mehta made Preity Zinta feel totally out-of-place on the sets of the movie. Hear this out. Deepa held a ten-day workshop for the cast of Heaven on Earth, before she started filming the movie, but the lead star, PZ, was left out of this plan. Deepa called her only on the last three days of the workshop.

Deepa wanted the rest of her cast (most of which were theatre actors) to bond closely, so that when PZ joined them she would feel slightly out-of-place. Talk about getting into the skin of the character. The protagonist of the story is a woman who gets married to a man living in Toronto and moves in with his family there. So, Deepa wanted Preity to portray a natural sense of feeling like an outsiders amongst strangers. Good job, Deepa. Though knowing our all-time bubbly babe… you can guess who felt more alien amongst them all. Not our PZ for sure!



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