Dimpled damsel Preity Zinta rubbishes claims of her ‘British ancestry’!

Dimpled damsel Preity Zinta rubbishes claims of her ‘British ancestry’!


Mumbai, Feb 02: Looks like Bollywood’s dimpled damsel is having some tough time handling her personal facts. In a recent interview to the press, Preity had declared that her ancestors were half British and half Rajput. But she is rubbishing them all as mere rumours now!

Well, Preity had apparently released the statement in order to silence the questions about her genera: “In the early 18th century, when marital alliances between the Rajput and British became quite common, the Zinta clan was born. I’m the rare combination of British and Rajput blood.”- Preity’s press statement.

Much to our surprise, in a recent interview to a news daily, Preity blasted the reports on her British ‘connection’ and said, “I don’t know where that has come from. I’m a full-on pahadi girl. Both my parents are from Himachal Pradesh. I’m a complete Rajput girl. And yet I’ve been flooded with inquiries about my ‘British blood’. Arrey yaar, who’s spreading these strange rumours? And they erupted so suddenly. I wonder who’s responsible.”

Now that’s a shocker!

Preity also took the opportunity to clear the air about her joining politics, “For those who feel threatened because they feel I’m getting into politics let me assure them I’ve no intentions of getting into yet another alien territory. Movies are my life. And now there’s cricket and the IPL. Politics is not my scene at all. There’s no need to cook up controversies about my past.”

Point noted, Preity!



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