Police disrupts Preity Zinta’s b’day party

Police disrupts Preity Zinta’s b’day party


Mumbai, Feb 1: Everything was going superb for birthday girl Preity Zinta when she turned 34 on Saturday. The birthday party was in full swing and party animals were rocking on loud music. Than all of a sudden Mumbai police arrived in and disrupted the party.

The Bollywood actress invited controversy for late night party and loud music, which annoyed her neighbours and called police to stop the party.

It is possibly the first time when such a complaint has been filed against the dimpled damsel as she is believed to be a strict follower of law and order by the industry people.

It was late last night when people residing in nearby slums reported about the loud music to the police, sources said.
According to the complainant, ‘The music was too loud for us to bear so we called the police. Since it involved a renowned name like Preity Zinta, the police did not react at our first call.’

It is worth mentioning here that the high watt music was slowed down when the police arrived, but it didn’t last for long. According to the sources, ‘As soon as the police left, the music was as loud as it was before.’

Bollywood celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Chunky Pandey were present in the party, sources said.

However, police says that appropriate penalty would be charged from the actress.



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