Santa Salman Khan wows kids


Fifteen kids of the Smile Foundation — a national level organisation working on children’s health and education in 21 states of the country — had a whale of a time as none other their ‘favouritest’ actor Salman Khan gave them gifts on Christmas eve. However, they did not anticipate the double-whammy when Preity Zinta joined them a little later — which was a pleasant surprise. She had dropped in to visit Salman on the way to a shoot.

The kids named Fie, Sameer, Mithilesh, Pooja, Mayuri, Jyoti and Amrish were excited and thrilled to bits as they also got to take a look at the sets of Salman’s forthcoming film, Veer. Salman asked them, “Where are the rest of the guys? I was expecting more of you. Have they all gone to see Ghajini?”

As a gesture of gratitude, the kids gifted him a lamp with a candle and sang, May God Bless You while Salman beamed and joined in with the chorus. Preity Zinta remembered, “I learned this song in school.” It was a touching day for the kids, the stars
And, of course, us. Here’s to a Merry Christmas!



One Response to Santa Salman Khan wows kids

  1. partha says:

    preity is so good ….so is salman!!!

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