Katrina aur Preity ka dostana

Katrina aur Preity ka dostana


We’ve never seen a classic Sholay-like yeh dosti filmed on any of our lovely leading ladies.

And neither do we foresee chances of a Dostana kinda male-bonding (butt-baring and more) movie being made with our daring dudettes in the lead. What’s the reason, huh? Well, well… don’t kid us, lovelies, don’t we all know the obvious? The old adage, ‘actresses can’t be friends’? There are some who go as far as to say, ‘We aren’t here to make friends’.

Righto! But then there are other ‘bubbly’ babes in Bollywood, who are most liked (if not loved) by the rest of the beauties. Like one Ms Preity Zinta. She proudly handed over the ‘bubbly’ title to Rani Mukerji, after the latter teamed up with Mr.Bunty (Bachchan) for their comic caper. But we think that no one deserves this title more than our Zinta-dil gal. Preity and Ash have been long-time friends, and she publicly talks about her fondness for the Bachchan bahu.

In the past, PZ was heard saying lovely things about Priyanka too (though some believed that competition was just beginning to heat up). Recently, while we were talking to the newly-voted hottest diva, Katrina Kaif, she revealed that while she doesn’t have too many ‘heroine’ buddies, she’s terribly fond of Preity. “Yes, I really like Preity, and I think the feeling is mutual. The common belief that actresses can’t be friends isn’t so true after all. We both like hanging out together, we like chatting, and we even love shopping together.

Preity is such a warm and lovely person, she’s unaffected by what people are thinking.” Hmm…shopping together is undoubtedly the first sign of girlie bonding. Ask the men. So ladies, you’ve scored brilliantly in that area. Now what about your beaus bonding? Tell us Ness and Sallu, kuch dum hai iss dosti mein?



3 Responses to Katrina aur Preity ka dostana

  1. Tina says:

    Well it’s hardly surprising that Preity is friends with like, each and everyone in the film industry. I think she actually may be the only actress in Bollywood who everyone really likes. She’s just so extremely friendly and easy to get along with. She makes everyone feel comfortable and equal even though she’s such a huge star herself. I really admire that… we love you Preity! Hope you’re always this cheerful and warm-hearted. =)

  2. luna says:

    i think it’s ironic that preity is both friends with ash and katrina

  3. partha says:

    this shows how great preity is!!!

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