Why do we Have to go Abroad?


DUBAI – The fifth year of DIFF saw its share of Bollywood biggies grace the red carpet and the screening of a number of Indian films, including Heaven on Earth featuring Bollywood star Preity Zinta.

The film deals with the ordeals of a newly-married bride, who migrates to Canada to live with her abusive husband and his family.

Pretty Preity, who was in the emirate with the film’s Indian-born Canadian director, Deepa Mehta, said: “As the film’s name signifies, immigrants from India feel that going to another country is like heaven on earth.”

She told Khaleej Times: “When they show foreign locations, you show beautiful locations and they always feel going to a foreign location can be like heaven. For the ‘poor’ immigrants, life can be difficult. “You are isolated and lonely. It is not that the country is discriminating but it is not your own country. This is the backdrop of my film.”

“I think people should realise that we have such a beautiful country and there are opportunities in their own country. Why do we have to go abroad,” she asserted. The actress also pointed out how the notion of ‘the grass being greener on the other side’ was one of the main reasons for people, not just Indians, to migrate.

“It is always the case for the immigrants where life is difficult. In your country if you are working eight hours while its fifteen hours in a foreign country,” she added. “If you have a house, where three people live, in reality there are 10 who are stuffed in as everyone wants to make ends meet,” said Zinta. Elaborating on the film, she said: “This film actually shows the gritty side of life. However, it also talks of hope and the power of imagination.” She is optimistic that women who bear the brunt of domestic violence, abusers and families keen on marrying their daughters to grooms settled abroad, can relate to the film.

Commenting on the trend where Indian films were being made in English, she said: “The world is becoming global. The boundaries are being erased in terms of art also. Long time ago in India, films were made in Hindi and then came the ‘Hinglish’ films. Now it is just English.” Preity said Indian films while absorbing a lot from outside, also inspire other cultures.



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