Unforgettables skips India for now

Unforgettables skips India for now


Security concerns prompt organisers to head to Europe first.

The Unforgettables Tour which saw the entire Bachchan family and many Bollywood stars like Preity Zinta, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty enthral audiences was supposed to charm their fans in India and Europe in two different schedules. But now it seems like the Indian leg will have to wait.

“When The Unforgettables started, they had drawn up two other schedules – one which would take place in Europe and the other in India. Though no dates were drawn up for these legs, it was almost certain that after the first tour, the actors would perform in India and then venture to Europe. But after the current terror attack in Mumbai and other cities being on high alert, it seems that the Indian leg will be deferred and the stars will take on Europe first,” said one source.

Another source close to the development of the tour throws some light. “The tour had to cancel shows at some cities in Europe due to logistic problems and so the team wants to visit Germany and Holland. So, given the current situation going to Europe might not be such a bad idea as they can’t delay the tour indefinitely.”

While Amitabh Bachchan remained unavailable for comment, a spokesperson from Wizcraft told After Hrs that there were “no confirmations as of now,” adding



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