Preity’s ‘real kaam’

Preity’s ‘real kaam’

When it’s film promotions, Preity Zinta doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, no matter how many people there are.


“Film promotions, ad shoots, no problem. It’s about selling a film at that point,” she says.

But when she was in Delhi recently, it was for a good cause, and she wanted to keep that one low key. She said she wanted to stick to the “real kaam”. And what’s that?

“When you want to do something from your heart, the point of publicising it becomes such a big deal and what you really want to do becomes second priority,” she said. “And it started when I was doing the bravery awards campaign. I was standing on stage with all these brave people, I felt so small in front of them… and the photographers pushed them so that they could get my picture. Of course, I know that people need to know about these things, but not to the extent that it takes away from the spirit of what you’re trying to do. Not everything is about a photo-op!” she says. We agree, Preity!



One Response to Preity’s ‘real kaam’

  1. partha says:

    this shows how good she is!!!

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