Preity confirmed for Formula no. 44? Heroes script invited to Oscar Archives

Samir Karnik’s Heroes script invited to Oscars Archives


Preity Zinta who showed great solidarity with Samir Karnik during Heroes will most definitely be a part of his next film Formula No. 44. “She was wonderful in Heroes. Now we’re keen on casting her in a diametrically opposite action-heroine’s role in Formula No. 44. She has never done action before. She’ll be quite cool in it because she’s half a tomboy”, says Samir.
American Motion Picture Of Arts & Sciences, better known as the Oscars has invited a copy of the screenplay of Samir Karnik’s Heroes for their archives.

Inviting the screenplay to the Oscars archives the letter which Karnik got on Friday morning says, ‘The scripts in our collection are made accessible for research purposes only to students, filmmakers, writers and actors.’

Karnik is on the moon. “I’m sending them the script right away. I can’t believe that the Oscars archives has invited our screenplay. Maybe because it is an original screenplay. That’s why they invited it.”

Now Karnik is all set to start his next film. He has already finalized Bobby Deol, Vatsal Seth and Sohail Khan for Formula No. 44. “I’ve already written half the script. My core team is already in place. These three actors jell well. And Binod Pradhan will be my cinematographer as long as he wants to work with me. Right now my producer Vikas Kapoor is keen on getting the project in place. We’re co-producing the film



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