When Preity Zinta got slapped!

When Preity Zinta got slapped!
5 Nov 2008, 1238 hrs IST


Preity Zinta Preity Zinta was at the receiving end of a tight slap when her co-star Vansh Bhardwaj got too involved in playing his part of an abusive husband in Heaven On Earth .

It happened when Vansh had to slap her in a scene in the Deepa Mehta film. He was meant to simply wave his hand close to Preity’s cheek. But while acting for the scene, Vansh accidentally ended up slapping Preity hard.

Preity, being the extrovert woman who speaks her mind and never takes oppression of any kind, says though the slap was an accident she felt utterly humiliated. Through the slap, Preity says, she realized the trauma of the women who face domestic violence silently.

“It was the most humiliating experience of my life because everyone saw me getting slapped… It changed my whole perception towards my role and I realised that it’s so terrible to strip a woman of her spirit,” Preity is quoted by a news agency.

In fact, Preity calls ‘Heaven On Earth’ the most difficult film of her life.

Not only did Preity learn Punjabi for her part in the movie, she had to undergo emotional trauma while preparing for her role when she interviewed actual women who had been victims of domestic violence. Though the whole experience “shattered” Preity, she ended up giving a splendid performance in the film.

Not for nothing did she win the Silver Hugo Award for best actress at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival for her performance.



One Response to When Preity Zinta got slapped!

  1. partha says:

    its good that i was not there during the shooting ….otherwise i would have killed the actor who slapped preity….how dare he is??

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