IPL 7 Kick-off: Chennai Super Kings v/s Kings XI Punjab

And we won…! Kings XI Punjab won their first match on 18 April in Abu Dhabi. Ofcourse Preity was presented! If you are a fan and you’ll be visiting one of the games of KXIP, do tweet us! I’d love to blog about your experience.

Preity’s appearances in the United States

Preity was working her ass off recently during her trip in the United States. She made many appearances on festivals and lot’s of fans got a chance to meet her. I have added a whole unch of photos from those appearance. Check them out! Can you keep up?

- Preity at the India Fair
- Preity judging the Miss Bollywood Austin 2014 pageant
- Preity at Miss Bollywood Houston 2014
- Preity at the Asian Wedding Expo
- Preity at IIFA 2014 press conference in Flordida

Preity’s Bridal Editorial

During her stay in the United States, Preity shot for an bridal editorial campaign. I have added the photo’s from these shoots for you in the gallery. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! She looks stunning isn’t it?

Preity Zinta puts films projects on hold for cricket

Preity Zinta is a busy lady, juggling her T20 team and under-wraps entrepreneur ventures at the same time. So much so that the actor hasn’t had time to shoot for her next film, starring Sunny Deol and has currently put the project on hold. “We have shot 50 per cent of the film. But now Bhaiyyaji Superhitt will have to wait for a little bit because I am going to South Africa. They can’t shoot right now, and then I will have the T20 tournament,” says Preity.

The actor is concentrating more on her business and wants to wrap up her international commitments, related to the venture, before the cricket tournament begins. So, she is not sure when she can start shooting again. “We started it around October last year and a film takes at least a year to be complete. Not every film is made in three months,” she says.

Preity has certainly not retired from acting and is already in talks for her film projects. “I have two films and will sign them soon. I can’t reveal anything about those films, but you will come to know soon. They are big projects,” says Preity.

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“I don’t want the best team on paper, I want the best team on field” – Preity Zinta

To start with, Preity, your twitter id says that you are ‘Actress, Producer, Writer, Entrepreneur, UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador and Cricket fan’. Is there anything else that is yet to be added to the list?
Yes. And it’s F-I-G-H-T-E-R! (Smiles)

It’s been quite some time that your fans and our readers heard about you, from you. Was the lying low and off- press intentional?
Yes, my lying low was intentional. Come to think of it, ever since the time I got into movies till date, I have never been a ‘media person’ or somebody who talks a lot to the media. But at a time when I was having 3- 4 releases a year, there were lot of interactions with the media. But once I got into cricket, and that too, only if there was something to talk about, I was talking (to the media), not otherwise. But, now I figured that if one is not available (to the media) for commenting/ quote for a small thing, then even the simplest of the things can snowball into a big story!

What’s keeping you busy on the professional front these days?
Besides the IPL, I have two films on which I am working on. Plus… I am also working an exciting new venture which is keeping me really busy these days. This is a very creative venture about which I will tell you all very shortly!

There were strong rumors floating around that you sold off a major chunk of KXIP’s (Kings XI Punjab) stake. Can you clarify this so that the rumors can be put to rest forever?
As you said, these rumors have always been rumors with no truth in them whatsoever! Let’s all understand the fact that whenever anybody does a sale (in IPL), they have to write a letter to the BCCI to approve the same. And then, 5% of the income has to be given to the BCCI, as a part of the sale. And once that happens, a new share holding pattern is created and new shareholders are formed. So, till the time the abovementioned things are not happening in the said fashion, these rumors will always be rumors! (Laughs). Also, if anything of that sort does happen, it will has in all transparency minus any shady deals.

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Preity will be judging ‘ The Miss Bollywood Pageant 2014′

The Miss Bollywood Pageant, the first of its kind in Houston scheduled to be held on Friday, March 7 at 7 pm at the Signature Manor.

The main judge and chief guest will be Bollywood super star, Preity Zinta. She hardly needs any introduction having starred in a number of successful Bollywood movies including Dil Se, Kal Ho Na Ho and Veer Zaara and also a Canadian film – Heaven on Earth. She is also the co-owner of the Indian Premier League Cricket Team Punjab Kings XI. A truly multifaceted personality representing exactly what our judges will be looking for in our “Miss Bollywood”.


If it wasn’t my money in T20 franchise, they’d have caught me: Preity Zinta

kxip3 Preity invited us for a chat at the very same apartment. “I’m doing the interview here, because this is the building reports said I don’t live in anymore,” she says.

In clarification mode, she also defends her business investments, including her T20 franchise, and a film production venture that flopped.

Was it disappointing that your first film production venture didn’t work?
Yes, but tell me one production house that didn’t have a failure. I’ve done lots of things right, and I’ve had a lot of success, so it was okay to have a failure. I was new to the role of a producer, so I made mistakes, and some wrong choices. Having said that, I’m proud of my first venture. I put in a lot of hard work. And I took responsibility for the things I did right, and for the things I did wrong. There were losses, but they were mine. No one else lost money in it.

Has acting taken a back seat?
I’m not done with acting. But I’m not going to wear small bits of cloth and dance around. I didn’t do it when I started my career; I won’t do it now. Unless I get a role which is powerful, it won’t appeal to me. I’m glad I made business investments, because it gave me the confidence financially to make brave choices. If I hadn’t done that, I’d still have been trying to play 19-year-olds in films. I know there are other avenues for me.

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I was a bit arrogant, says Preity Zinta

Relatively controversy-free for the better part of her career, Preity Zinta suddenly finds herself in the news for all the wrong reasons, including rumours of her having gone bankrupt. Preity clears the air…

The curious case of Kamal Amrohi
I met Kamal Amrohi in the year 2000. Though he addressed me as his daughter, I ignored him initially. Gradually, I found out the old man had family issues. His nephew had stolen his shares and he asked me to help him get a lawyer to fight his case. Once he recovered the money, he wanted to make a movie, but then he died. The case is now sub-judice. I never took anything from anybody. The legal document containing proof of the money that I spent on him was also produced in court. He wanted to adopt me and make me his legal heir in his will. But I did not want to be adopted nor did I want any share of his property.

Thank god for the internet; there are a series of interviews online where he said that I had helped him financially, including buying a house. The other side is now slinging mud at me but the truth will come out. This world is becoming a terrible place. If you help someone, it backfires. Had I taken his money and if he was to die later, they’d have certainly accused me of killing him as well. All I can say is that it is not my nature to go ahead and slander people.

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